Executive Committee – 2019

The Section Executive Committee is formed by members of the immediate-past Section Chairman, immediate-past Honorary Section Treasurer, the current-elected Section Chairman, Vice Chairman-Section , Honorary Section Treasurer, Honorary Section Secretary and up to four Section committee members. All are elected officers except the immediate-past Section Chairman and Treasurer. (Extract of Section policies 14).

Position Name Email
Chairman Ong Ling Chuen, Michael ongmichael@i2r.a-star.edu.sg
Vice Chair Muhammad Faeyz Karim faeyz@ntu.edu.sg; faeyz@hotmail.com
Secretary Ma Maode emdma@ntu.edu.sg
Treasurer (Conference Chair) Sahoo Sanjib Kumar elesahoo@nus.edu.sg
Immediate Past Chairman Arokiaswami Alphones EAlphones@ntu.edu.sg
Committee Member Kush Agarwal agarwal.kush@u.nus.edu
Committee Member Goh Wang Ling EWLGOH@ntu.edu.sg
Committee Member Luo Sha eleluos@nus.edu.sg
Committee Member Stefan Winkler swinkler@ieee.org; stefan.winkler@adsc.com.sg
Committee Member Hla Nu Phyu hla_nu_phyu@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
Committee Member Ravinder Pal Singh ravinderps@ime.a-star.edu.sg
Committee Member Nicholas Wong n.hl.wong@ieee.org